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Healthy feet mean
healthy lifestyle!

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Healthy feet mean
healthy lifestyle!

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Manhattan, NY's Premier Podiatrist

Healthier feet mean
healthy lifestyle!

If you experience pain, deformities, or any other complications including foot discomfort, our orthopedic surgeons at the office of Dr. Emmanual Fuzaylov can help you get the foot pain treatment you need to get back two feet. Led by Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov, our podiatry physicians provides a comprehensive selection of podiatry services to give our clients the best foot and ankle care available anywhere in New York. Learn more about our podiatric team and podiatric services below, and schedule an appointment with us at (718) 291-9020 today!

What Is A Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a medical professional who specializes in conditions of the foot and ankle. Experienced podiatrists like Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov provide comprehensive diagnoses, preventative care services, and surgical and non-surgical treatments for a number of ankle and foot-related conditions.

Meet Our Podiatrists

Our resident podiatrists, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov is a bunion surgeon and is highly-experienced in several areas of podiatry and passionate about providing their patients with exceptional podiatric care. A graduate of St. John's University and the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Fuzaylov specializes in reconstructive surgery and a number of podiatric areas and performs over 400 minimally-incision foot surgeries per year. Dr. Fuzaylov's specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatments for podiatric conditions including bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, heel spurs, and more. Visit our Doctors page to learn more about Dr. Fuzaylov.

Our Podiatric Services

To help you with your foot-related issues, our team here at the office of Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov proudly offers a comprehensive list of specialized surgical and non-surgical procedures. Our podiatry services include:

  • Bunion Treatment and Surgery: Bunions are swelled or enlarged areas of the foot near the big toe of the inner side of the foot. They can cause prolonged and pain and lead to unwanted deformities. Our bunion specialist proudly provides bunion surgery and non-surgical bunion treatment for all types of bunions, including Taylor's bunions.
  • Hammertoe Surgery: Hammertoe occurs when a toe becomes structurally contracted and unable to extend. We offer several surgical options to remedy hammertoe, each with its own unique benefits dependent on the nature of your condition.
  • Foot X-Rays: Our podiatric professionals provide comprehensive X-ray services to help diagnose any foot-related problems you may be experiencing.
  • Toenail Fungus Treatment: We treat toenail fungus using specialized oral and topical medications, as well as minimally-invasive surgical intervention.
  • Achilles Tendon Repair: For moderate to severe Achilles tendon damage, we provide physical rehabilitation services and surgery when necessary.
  • Flatfoot Correction Surgery: "Flatfoot" is condition caused by a flattened arch and can lead to several other physical complication without medical intervention. To help correct flatfoot once and for all, our podiatrists offer several cosmetic foot surgery procedures to adult patients across New York.
  • And more! Visit our Treatments page for a comprehensive list of all of podiatric procedures and services.

The Right Choice for Your Feet

Our podiatric team here at the office of Dr. Emmanuel Fuzalyov is passionate about podiatric care and dedicated to exceptional patient service. Led by Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov we utilize our decades of combined expertise and the industry's latest technology and procedures to bring our patients unparalleled foot care. When you want the best for your feet, there is simply no better choice.


Foot Doctor in Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov
Podiatric Surgery

Locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan

To serve our New York patients best, we have locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. To schedule an appointment at any of our three locations, contact us at (718) 291-9020 today!



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Our offices are located in several areas of
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About The Doctors

Dr. Fuzaylov posses remarkable hands-on experience and excellent training. He performed numerous surgeries, using state-of-the-art procedures to correct bunion and hammertoe deformities. 


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Jannet Smith
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Corrections of the Bunions and Hammertoes
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I had a big bump on the side of my foot, which was bothering me for years. Dr. Fuzaylov performed a quick procedure on my foot, and since then I have no pain.
Brenda K.

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